Nov 5, 2013

bright and sunny love

Once upon a time there was the sunshine girl and the jovial lion... over countless ice cream dates and long walks, they fell in love.

markers + PSD + a lill bit of love :)

Jan 10, 2013


Poster for the "FEARLESS" series.

Quoting from Shilo Shiv Suleman's facebook page: 
"We've spend the last two weeks or more constantly feeding ourselves with stories about rape in India, I've caught myself afraid on buses, afraid in autos. Afraid. There are some articles that are written for us to get a better understanding of gender roles, aggression and sexuality in India but there are some that are just striking fear in our hearts . While we need to keep sharing these links and letting these stories be heard so that it remains in the nations consciousness , We also need to keep reaffirming fearlessness and channel all this energy somewhere. We need to keep going out at night, taking public transport, wearing what we want, dancing, singing, being beautiful. We need to use our ART and VOICES to AFFIRM fearlessness and bravery."

Pretty much true, I would say. This is my bit towards it. 

Be fearless.Go out there in the world, achieve all your dreams..easier said than done, but try nonetheless. Be your own superhero :)

You can view the rest of the posters here :

Rise and shine

Hello and welcome to 2013! A shout-out to all those who are not yet geared up for all the new things this year may have to offer...Buck up guys!

After the roller coaster ride & forceful introspection offered by 2012, I look forward to some laid back time to smell the flowers and sip the tea, pleasant surprises, love, laughter and of course lot of work!
Wish you all the same :)

Dec 29, 2012

Year in review : 2012

The whole of 2012, apart from my classes, lectures, I spent a lot of time working with kids. Teaching them and having a blast creating a variety of art and craft delights.

...Taking classes for tiny tots, where they would paint themselves (read : colorful little balls of energy running after each other with rollers), rather than the huge sheet of canvas rolled out for them.

...Working with an NGO, and creating slippers for girls, who looked and felt nothing less than Cinderella's after wearing them

...Spending hours researching various art and craft activities, having a ball of a time creating them (read: research and prototype) , to later make animal mobiles and wire bugs with the kids.

...Rolling and kneading clay  to create "attempting-to-be-scary", but ultimately cute animals and insects.

That's all for this year.
See you in 2013!


Oct 29, 2012

IF: Haunt

A habit, a memory, a worry, a fear, a person, a place, an incident...

inks + pens + PSD